Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I spent mine with some people I love here in Atlanta at the W Hotel with lots of bubbly, jokes, and gold glitter. Sounds great, right? I also wore the some shoes that have turned my feet into Barbie feet..three days later I still feel like I have my shoes on. But, they were cute! 

hotel decor banner made by yours truly. 


happy new year! 

I would love to have come prepared today to share all my goals for 2013, but I've decided to postpone thinking of those until I have some time to reflect this weekend. My life has been a little cray as of late with all of the holidays, guests in from out town, big purchases, and changes with my job. So in my OCD mind, the Christmas decor has to come down before I will even begin to think about 2013. 

I will, however, say that one goal I'm prepared to share is centered around my blogging. I'm a creature of habit, and my habit has totally been not blogging. I'm the worst about taking time for lunch during the day since I work between my clients' homes, my office, and my car. So, I will be eating lunch and blogging or blogging right before bed at least three times a week. 

Hold me to it, or else please. 

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