Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House Atlanta: Part Uno

Hello lovelies! A few weeks ago, I received this press-only preview invite to view the Inspiration House of the Cathedral Antiques Show:

And I was supppppppper pumped. Why you ask? Because one of my main squeezes  was invited to do a room there, of course! Not to mention several of the very talented women I worked with at Room Service Atlanta and some major design firms I've been watching were also participating. So, I got my pink shirt and my wedges on and headed out to Buckhead. I decided to break my posts down into two different days because I'm tired and there are lots of photos. Don't judge me. Side note: I have a new camera and I don't know how to use it. The house was dark with lots of accent lighting, so some of these photos didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked. Lucky for you...these designs will grace the pages of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles this summer. All of my photos are also sneak peeks, as the house is still open to the public for viewing. If you haven't been, you HAVE to get a ticket and go take a won't disappoint! Click here for info on tickets. 

the hallway: Dayka Robinson Designs

her custom wall paint was bannnnnanas! love love love. i have to say that everything in her space just felt right. and that's what makes a good design.

ms. dayka robinson herself. designer extraordinare and all. did you peep the carpet? it was a major contributor to why this space worked so well. 

frands. and check out those gorg mirror frames with black & white prints in them. those prints alone added so much energy and personality to the room. such a great touch!  take notice of that light fixture also...they were gorgeous! 

apartment suite living room/dining: bryan kirkland 

beautiful chair and stunning wallpaper.  i just loved that rug. and all the magenta accents. and the accessories. hell, i loved it all. 

dining room area with just enough "oomph." the wall color really set a beautiful backdrop for that glossy black chandelier. 

 i loved this quirky lamp. mary poppins-ish? 

living room: parker kennedy

i want to sit in this chair, pretend i'm kelly wearstler, and sip a cocktail.'s fab. 

beautiful sideboard with a well-styled bar. roses, white dragons, pagoda lamps, and all.

i adore these chairs and pillows. the ceiling design, mimicked by the pillows, was enough to make me soon. i didn't really talk to anyone in this room because my eyes were too busy taking in all the goodness. 

boardroom: reiner | white.

their take on a fireplace was spot on. throw in some detailed Roman shades and a white lacquered rhino and i'm sold. the whole room was super moody and inviting. and speaking of inviting, both the designers were SO nice. 

l.o.v.e. those brass sconces with the updated round bulbs. that custom art piece was also amazeballs. with gray laminate on the walls as a backdrop, it was definitely a showstopper. 

windows swagged with brass chains and equestrian-style hooks. suchhhh a good look. 

the dark walls with large white moulding just made the whole room pop. those chairs were also gorgeous. think lots of turquoise upholstery, swanky crystals hanging from brass chandeliers, and don draper sitting at the table. well, that's what i thought of. 

ok, i'm going to see silver linings playbook now. hope i'll have bradley cooper dreams tonight if i'm lucky.


  1. Love all of the photos! Can't wait to read your next article! :)

  2. Some great pictures!!! So sorry our room was dark! It made it really hard to get good shots :)