Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Invitations

Happy hump day everyone! Sorry I've been away so long, work has been bananas and my personal life hasn't seemed to slow down now I'm here two weeks later! 

I wanted to share some invitations that one of my best friends asked me to do for her friend's couples shower that's coming up in March here in Atlanta. She had a general idea of what she wanted them to look & feel like using examples from Pinterest, but we came up with a way to merge all the elements together to create one cohesive look. I love channeling my creativity into separate projects that aren't involving's a nice break. Take a look at the final print we came up with (front, back):

They've been printed and sent out to all the guests, and they look spectacular!

I have a million things to accomplish before 5, so I'm off!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House Atlanta: Part Dos

Anddddd..I'm back! Que the excuses..I had a busy week last week. Hope you guys all survived the week so far. I did, but barely. And guess what? There will be a part tres to this Inspiration House series because I just have too many photos to make all in one post. Feast your eyes on these beauties and try not to drool:

the stone room: Lori May and Sherry Hart

first off, the wall color is FAB! I love how they embraced the darkness of the room and just went with it. the window treatments are spot on, and that round side table is gorgeous. 

another thing they got right...accessories! between their luxurious textiles, beautiful coffee table books, and magnifying glasses..this stone room is super moody and cozy. don't you just want to grab a book and cuddle up on that sofa?!

i'm sure i don't have to say how much i love this flushmount clover fixture and the stained wood ceiling it's on. the wood is such a compliment to the stone walls. that desk is wonderfully styled and the perfect piece for that corner. please note: art on that awfully-placed door. win!

lower stair hall: Rhonda Peterson

do you see what you think is gorgeous wallpaper? guess again. this is BEAUTIFULLY handpainted birch trees on the wall. that burnt sienna paint stood out just enough against the walls to make a statement. wondering about the shelf? it covers an elevator opening..brilliant!

rhonda also found this gorgeous birdcage to add to her outdoor seating arrangement. she put some live flowers in there and voila! 

i love, love, loved the scale of this petite little chair. and all that brass? it looked stunning against the walls. it's hard to tell the placement of the furniture from this tight shot, but it's nestled in a corner right beside the door to the outside seating area. 

the library: Summer Loftin

summer hand-stamped these beautiful powder blue walls with a gold paint. the stamps are a mix between animal horns, antlers, and her logo. i thought that was so clever.

giraffe in the corner..definitely a conversation piece. he looks so gentle and sweet over there! :) 

this cute little slipper chair was found as an antique and is upholstered in a men's sportcoat. complete with buttons and all!

the parlor: Yvonne McFadden

loved this little simple chair and that industrial reading lamp. 

these shelves (flanking the large cased opening) were actually custom and built onto the wall, which was a great idea for such narrow spaces. the sconces and styling were a bonus.

the kitchen: Warner McConaughey, Eric Rothman, and Jenny Rothman

the first thing that caught my eye as i walked into this cute little kitchen was the  industrial sconces on the wall.  if you don't have enough room or the need for cabinets, why not add some interesting lighting to dress up your kitchen? the finish on the cabinets was beautiful, and that curved ceiling was something else. can't go wrong with nailhead accents on a wall. well, i've never seen it happen.  this was a  great way to showcase an otherwise 'boring' wall.

off to install in this rain!
until then...

Monday, February 4, 2013

8 ways

Just when you thought I had forgotten posting today...I'm gonna serve you up some good advice for you designer-folk out there like moi:

happy monday, ya'll.