Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can't get enough coral

Today started off with a glass breaking over my foot and deadlines creeping in. I actually got out of the shower to run and get my Ipad to jot down my to-do list that kept growing, and had forgotten that I dropped a glass. I was quickly reminded. Naturally, I forgot half of the "o.m.g.-i-have-to-remember-these-things" that made me jump out mid-shower anyway. So, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet and then work on remembering all of these things that are trying to creep out and get lost in Neverland. 

Coral is one of the essential colors for summer. Check out all this yummy coral goodness via Pinterest and Houzz:

love the contrast element that the bold stripes and chevron creates

kelly wearstler. g.e.n.i.u.s. 

what a cute pairing of those sunburst mirrors. love everything about this (even the tulips, which surprised me.) 

such a cute way to add interest in such a small bathroom.

the lamp, side table, headboard, and lumbar pillow have me going gaga. 

can i please have a dress, purse, and 22" sofa throw pillows in this fabric? 

ikat and coral are best friends. ask me about the wild goose chase i went on for a coral ikat shower curtain last weekend. i may or may not have stalked a girl's blog who said she had it in her local store, made 8 long distance phone calls, and still no shower curtain. boo.

photography on these isn't great, but couldn't leave them out. such a good shape, and could be paired with a fab sofa in a small space for a great living room setup.


kissy face. 

kelly wearstler again. 

and again. got it...and again. 

love everything about this. chair, credenza, art, curtains, flame-stitch carpet, and look at that chandelier! 

a happy way to incorporate zebra without having to go all yuck-yuck theme. 

need it. 

organizing in style. 

another room that would have fit into my "beachy chic" post last week. 

In the spirit of everything pink (or coral...), here's one of my favorite quotes 
from Pretty in Pink:

"If you give off signals that you don't want to belong, people will make sure that you don't." 

Attitude is everything..give off positive signals, and you'll only receive positive returns from those who matter. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

West Elm pulls my heartstrings..

West Elm is my go-to spot where I can almost guarantee that I will find something that I love. Their store in Atlantic Station here in Atlanta is great, it's well-organized and the staff are ever so helpful. The quality of customer service, paired with the great price-point and beautiful goods, always keeps me coming back for more. Here's a design board that I've made with a living room setup that anyone would be lucky to have. I know this room is totally unlike me... updated Midcentury chair, bold stripes, chevrons, glass, and white gloss. I spotted a few things after I finished my I tacked them on at the end. Enjoy!

"atlanta wall art" spaghetti junction on your wall may look way cooler than when you're stuck in it at 5pm. 

okay, i may have cheated. i don't think they carry this anymore, but i have had it saved  for a while and love it.

bring some warmth into the space with outdoor candle lanterns on the floor near a modern fireplace.

"found battani poufs" don't you just adore these? they tie in the rust from the rug and  bring a little morrocan berber texture to a crisp space.  the patterns are meant to signify a family crest. 

want something a little unexpected? take a leaner floor mirror and  put  it against the back wall in a living room. add some weight at the bottom (poufs?) and it becomes it's own entity in the room. your guests will love to look at themselves... i promise!

                                           happy tuesday..hope you do at least one thing you love today! 
you might be surprised how good it will make you feel.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life after Beach... not so fun! It's always hard to catch up and get back going, even if you only take one day off. Here is a little snippet of the vacay:

beautiful sunset the first night. 

the only person for miles on the beach at 7 am. i live for that time! 

beautiful vessel sink in a restaurant we ate at. if only they would lose that nasty countertop, we'd be in business. 

the vessel sink reminded me to check on availability of these organic planters for a client while  i was gone.

the carpet even got cleaned when we were gone. talk about a productive trip! 

I'm drinking my first cup of coffee for the day...wish me luck! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beachy Chic

This weekend, I will be leaving paint samples and inspiration photos in the dust and headed for the beach. Okay..I'm not leaving them in the dust. But I'm leaving Atlanta, so that counts for something! I plan on taking a longer vacation (can I hear a hallelujah for a seven day vacation?!) later on the summer, but for now, 3 days will just have to do. 

I've never had the opportunity to design a beach house (ehhhemmmm, know anyone looking for help? Send them to me!), but would love the chance. There are so many risks you can take in a second home that you wouldn't normally be able to take in someone's primary living space. When people are the the beach, they want to be inspired and relaxed. A problem that could normally throw a wrench in everyday life is brushed off and put in the stack of "deal-with-it-tomorrows." How wonderful could it be if we could just live like that normally?  

Here are some spaces and objects that make me feel all beachy-chic inside: 

okay, this isn't my style. at all. it's the bed from breaking dawn. i want to live on esme island.
with edward.

killer combo: powder blue and coral. 

there's nothing like stark white bedding to make you feel beachy and loved. those framed pieces are killer.

for those neutral-lovin' folks.  

beautiful beach centerpiece. 

act like i care if this is from a wedding. i want this at my table everyday!


kelly wearstler goes beachy. unlivable, unmaintainable, and beautiful.

sofa from jamie is the business.

funkybeachycool. do you see the contrasting orange piping? sign me up. 

this should be a staple in any beach house. 

dark done right. 

i'd happily sleep in a twin in this room. and that's saying a lot!

airy pink on the walls and a chinoiserie-inspired headboard. 




classic look.

what a great way to make a tiny, space-efficient room. 

white on white. 

Can ya'll cross your fingers that a sista can get some wifi in our hotel room?? 

ps. posted this on facebook today and am planning a post about it next week:

"Sometimes" said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -A.A. Milne

For some reason, that is just so special to me. 

love xoxox

Monday, May 7, 2012

ipad lovin'

Good morning everyone! I had a wonderful Cinco De Mayo spending quality time with margaritas and friends. And yes, you can spend quality time with margaritas in case you were wondering if I worded that wrong. 

I invested in an Ipad (happy birthday to me!)....

orange maze pattern with a little leopard... check.

and I've been wanting to show you guys what I have been doing with it. I usually lay down at night and scout Houzz, Pinterest, and my favorite blogs for all the goodies that I miss during the day while I'm busy. This way, I don't feel guilty for taking time out of work to indulge. I have about a million pictures saved already, but here's what I've been looking at recently: 

in case you're as nosy as i am...this is my wallpaper. one of my favorite views.

thank you baby Jesus for this hilarious blog, You me and a wiener. this girl is nonstop laughs, she has a weenie dog, and she has got such an eye for beautiful pieces. 3 wins, boomboomboom. this photo is of her son's room and it's one of my favorites. oops, you can see my tabs open. nosy!

oops, i found a picture of marley when he was just born in my email from 5 years ago.  i miiiiiight need to go through that account and do some deleting.

my reading nook at my apartment in brooklyn. okay, no. but this is what i envision.

tobi fairly, always on point. 

love this look. i probably would have chosen a different desk, but that bookshelf styling, rug, and curtains are killer.

books, books, books. 

my dream spot in the hamptons. 

i picture this as a beachhouse. a beachhouse where no one is allowed to sit or live. practical right?

the bedspread is throwing me off a little bit, but everything else is bold and crisp. with a few tweaks, this could be a cute guest room. 

die. over. every. piece.

homes in this style remind me of maine and make me want to pack my bags.

love this added detail to make stair railings less of an eye sore. 

sputnik light fixture, graphic wallpaper, and dark painted ceiling. how could you go wrong here? 

i've been liking brass details in powder rooms. not a fan of the marble used on the sink surround, but  i sure do love the gold sink.

Have an inspiring Monday ya'll!