Monday, May 7, 2012

ipad lovin'

Good morning everyone! I had a wonderful Cinco De Mayo spending quality time with margaritas and friends. And yes, you can spend quality time with margaritas in case you were wondering if I worded that wrong. 

I invested in an Ipad (happy birthday to me!)....

orange maze pattern with a little leopard... check.

and I've been wanting to show you guys what I have been doing with it. I usually lay down at night and scout Houzz, Pinterest, and my favorite blogs for all the goodies that I miss during the day while I'm busy. This way, I don't feel guilty for taking time out of work to indulge. I have about a million pictures saved already, but here's what I've been looking at recently: 

in case you're as nosy as i am...this is my wallpaper. one of my favorite views.

thank you baby Jesus for this hilarious blog, You me and a wiener. this girl is nonstop laughs, she has a weenie dog, and she has got such an eye for beautiful pieces. 3 wins, boomboomboom. this photo is of her son's room and it's one of my favorites. oops, you can see my tabs open. nosy!

oops, i found a picture of marley when he was just born in my email from 5 years ago.  i miiiiiight need to go through that account and do some deleting.

my reading nook at my apartment in brooklyn. okay, no. but this is what i envision.

tobi fairly, always on point. 

love this look. i probably would have chosen a different desk, but that bookshelf styling, rug, and curtains are killer.

books, books, books. 

my dream spot in the hamptons. 

i picture this as a beachhouse. a beachhouse where no one is allowed to sit or live. practical right?

the bedspread is throwing me off a little bit, but everything else is bold and crisp. with a few tweaks, this could be a cute guest room. 

die. over. every. piece.

homes in this style remind me of maine and make me want to pack my bags.

love this added detail to make stair railings less of an eye sore. 

sputnik light fixture, graphic wallpaper, and dark painted ceiling. how could you go wrong here? 

i've been liking brass details in powder rooms. not a fan of the marble used on the sink surround, but  i sure do love the gold sink.

Have an inspiring Monday ya'll! 



  1. LOVE that iPad case!! I can't live without my iPad either... it's such a perfect little piece of metal. ha!

  2. Thanks girl..I had to design it myself because I'm way too picky about really silly things like that :) I always laughed at the iPad because it seemed to do the same thing as my computer and phone.. who knew?! I'm out of town this weekend, but let's try to get together next week maybe??