Monday, April 16, 2012

Fringe Benefits

My birthday was a few weeks ago, so here's a quick glance! There was lots of pink, a delish cookie cake and oreo treats, roller skating (yeah, I said it), margaritas, sunbathing, dancing, and laughing with my best friends. Success! Check our our Easter eggs, too!

I got this for my birthday....(yum!!)

which lead me to find these pictures for you to feast your eyes on....

this must be a cute little cafe..i want to eat here! 

the perfect colors for a wedding scheme.

in the right place, this pink ombre fringe shade could do some damage!

the title of this painting is "fringe." beautiful! 

fringe bordering on curtains.

nate berkus rug.

you can see this fringe necklace on me from the pictures at the next cool event.

LOVE this low seating area with thick rope fringe.

let. me. live. here. fringe on the rug...holla!

i remember peeping this chair by bradley hughes at michel boyd's space in  the W  for the high style tour. fab!

sweet little tablesetting.

love this sofa! and look at that klismos chair in the background...meow!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday! 

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