Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Champagne Wishes and Tablesetting Dreams

Hi sugars! I forced myself to make some time to blog tonight, here I am. Well, it's me and JT on Pandora, actually. Last night I went to a fabulous event at Travadavi and was quick to realize what a gem this place is. It's seriously the go-to place for table settings and housewares, and I have passed it on Peachtree countless times but never stopped in! Bad idea on my part apparently, it's such a nice spot. One of my girlfriends told me about Eddie Ross coming to Atlanta to speak about how to dress your table with a fresh look for spring. I've been a fan of Eddie's since his days rockin' out at Martha Stewart, so this was a must-see for me. The table setting he came up with was so fresh and just screamed "spring but not Easter eggish," while still holding on to a chinoiserie feel which is always a win. The crowd of people was great, and even Big Daddy Kerry Howard was there to cheer on his friend. 

here it is:

my top three: gold flatware, the china pattern/colorway, the white water goblets.

wish i could have gotten a better shot of that china scene

and here we are:

other china patterns i'm in love with:


pretty please,

with cherries on top! 

Here are a few tips he offered for creating a fab setting for a gossip-worthy table:

1. Mix old and new (vintage china and new chargers)
2. Colored candlesticks to bring the eye up (and he also gave me the extras he didn't use..thanks!)
3. Don't be afraid of a pattern! (not a problem for me as most of you know, but it terrifies some people!)
4. Do one thing that is a little surprise and adds a special touch (see the delicate butterfly cutouts on the champagne flutes)
5. If tablecloths aren't your thing.. then a) you're strange b) use tablerunners that run across the table from guest to guest and not just across the table
6. Don't be afraid to mix gold and silver flatware
7. Florals should never be higher than eye level... unless you don't want to look at the person across from you. In that case, make them as high as possible! 
8. Mix eras.... a 1920's candy dish with cutting-edge acrylic candlesticks
9. Keep a small piece of your favorite china with you if you're out and about shopping and pull colors from that to make the whole look together. 
10. My favorite "tip" of all... just because you have "formally" dressed your table, it doesn't mean you have to be dressed formally. Sit at that table barefoot in jeans if that's what you're comfortable in (just don't put your tootsies on the table please)! Frankly, it doesn't even matter if you're not having a super-important-party-with-all-your-judgmental-friends-and-family-who-will-talk-if-you-don't-do-something-super-fantabulous-because-you're-an-interior-designer. Yeah, I said it. 

If you didn't come last night, slap yourself. Okay, don't do that. But the next time he's in Atlanta, you must go! 

Side note...I went to Target today to get batteries so I wanted to show you my new stationery I got. See how I slipped that in there? Maybe I'll use these as thank you cards for my guests at my super-important-party-with-all-my-judgmental-friends-and-family-who-will-talk-if-I-don't-do-something-super-fantabulous-because-I'm-an-interior-designer. 

Now make an excuse to set your tables and invite your bests to come wine and dine. 

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