Monday, March 5, 2012

Stair Runners, not to be confused with the gym equipment

Hey ya'll! Today has to be short again, (what's new??) but I had a thought today while I was getting my workout on early this AM. Stair climber=death. Stair runner=wonderful! Here are some inspiring stair runner designs that will keep you happy while you burn those calves:

who doesn't love a beautiful orange against crisp white? get outta here! 

you know I had to rep some leopard stairs.. 

the iron railings must go, but that credenza and these stairs....

chevron is always in (agree or die!) 

i just die over everything in this picture...but look at those painted stairs! 

so well-styled. i'm in love with the accent stripe as a painted runner. 

this and the last one were hard to choose between, but this is my winner. who's going to come install this for me? well, and build me some stairs too.... 

What do you guy's think of the stair runners...would you rather a painted for easy maintenace, or the carpeted for ease on your feet and texture? 



  1. I like the low maintenance thing... at least until George realizes that the part time job I work is exhausting and I can't possibly clean our 1000sqft house alone... and he lets me hire a maid. Then I want the carpet. :)

    1. I agree, low maintenance is a good option for us! Especially with the pups!

      I'll tell him to let you hire a maid. It's only fair ;)

  2. love your blog - and I really like the last staircase with the b&w prints /steffen