Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gaga for Gingham+Leopard

As the summer comes to a close (please God, hurry up!), I'm trying to squeeze in the last little bit of great looks you can only wear in the summer. No, I'm not talking about white shoes or pants. White shoes are usually heinous, and I don't deal with rules that have anything to do with not being able to wear white pants! Heellllloooooo winter white! 

I've found myself pinning Americana-inspired photos with plenty of gingham:

i am so in love with this photo.
image via reasons to breathe

i love the contrast of the nautical stripes with the black&white photos & crisp trim.
image via lonny mag

love this boy's bedroom.
image via elizabeth dinkel design

potential framed artwork.
image via pinterest, source unknown.

and who can forget Katie Armour's apartment featured in the most recent magalog article of Matchbook Mag? It made Americana look stunning and up-to-date.

it's rare that i can say i love everything about a room..but it's obvious here. 

perfectly styled shelf, beautiful art, leopard, brass, and gingham. hollllllla.

plenty of inspiration while sitting at this desk!

new note to self: use gingham and leopard together. they're friends.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

you dip, i dip, we dip

Hello! I've been super busy with lots of installs and furniturebackorderingsituations [most frustrating part of a designer's life.] So, I've been absent and I'm sorry! 

Today's post will be short & sweet. I have a weeeeee little bit of free time this weekend, and I plan on making the best of it. First, I plan on going and purchasing these from a local design source that does some consignment:

make you holla for a dolla! ok, well, $34. 

kinda reminds me of these from H&H Home:

so beautiful, but at $495 a pop, they're a bank-breaker.

I also plan to do a little dippin'. This is hardly a new idea, but this trend has resurfaced and I'm a little in love. I have some basic IKEA Lack series white end tables, and have been fretting over what to do with them for two years. Here are some ideas:

images via dickinson family on design*sponge

image via Brick House

Now I just need to decide on a dipping color...I'm thinking gold. But then again, I'm always thinking gold! Maybe I'll mix it up? I'll be posting about them next keep your eyes peeled. 

I also have a tray and blank canvas that need some paint, and a side table in my room that needs a little work. Right now, it's just navy. I'm thinking of incorporating some spots in either the top or the legs, but we shall see.

I was inspired by color this past weekend while participating in Prism Riot at the Goat Farm. 
Take a look:

color on. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Let her sleep...

Hey ya'll! I needed a little break this week from blogging..last weekend was filled with craziness & I feel like I had a million things on my mind and was looking for some balance. Between having guests in town, new car shopping, & finishing out a new construction project, none of my time was spent on myself. I always say I will calm down on the weekend and relax, but everyone know I'm a liar. Here's what I'm thinking for this weekend:

image via jillterin on tumblr

i will try to must have rest. 

and maybe if i get it, i will do great things like this:

image via elle decor
                                                                             & this weekend, i might try this: 

image via bri @meyouandaweiner
this girl is legit & hilarious. and her dog looks JUST like mine. she refers to him as "gangster timmy" & apparently he likes binkies. i wonder if this could keep marley from barking? worth a try.

       now it's on to friday meetings, mailing back rug samples, & picking out backsplashes. 
    have a great weekend!