Friday, August 3, 2012

Let her sleep...

Hey ya'll! I needed a little break this week from blogging..last weekend was filled with craziness & I feel like I had a million things on my mind and was looking for some balance. Between having guests in town, new car shopping, & finishing out a new construction project, none of my time was spent on myself. I always say I will calm down on the weekend and relax, but everyone know I'm a liar. Here's what I'm thinking for this weekend:

image via jillterin on tumblr

i will try to must have rest. 

and maybe if i get it, i will do great things like this:

image via elle decor
                                                                             & this weekend, i might try this: 

image via bri @meyouandaweiner
this girl is legit & hilarious. and her dog looks JUST like mine. she refers to him as "gangster timmy" & apparently he likes binkies. i wonder if this could keep marley from barking? worth a try.

       now it's on to friday meetings, mailing back rug samples, & picking out backsplashes. 
    have a great weekend!


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