Tuesday, August 21, 2012

you dip, i dip, we dip

Hello! I've been super busy with lots of installs and furniturebackorderingsituations [most frustrating part of a designer's life.] So, I've been absent and I'm sorry! 

Today's post will be short & sweet. I have a weeeeee little bit of free time this weekend, and I plan on making the best of it. First, I plan on going and purchasing these from a local design source that does some consignment:

make you holla for a dolla! ok, well, $34. 

kinda reminds me of these from H&H Home:

so beautiful, but at $495 a pop, they're a bank-breaker.

I also plan to do a little dippin'. This is hardly a new idea, but this trend has resurfaced and I'm a little in love. I have some basic IKEA Lack series white end tables, and have been fretting over what to do with them for two years. Here are some ideas:

images via dickinson family on design*sponge

image via Brick House

Now I just need to decide on a dipping color...I'm thinking gold. But then again, I'm always thinking gold! Maybe I'll mix it up? I'll be posting about them next week..so keep your eyes peeled. 

I also have a tray and blank canvas that need some paint, and a side table in my room that needs a little work. Right now, it's just navy. I'm thinking of incorporating some spots in either the top or the legs, but we shall see.

I was inspired by color this past weekend while participating in Prism Riot at the Goat Farm. 
Take a look:

color on. 

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