Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beachy Chic

This weekend, I will be leaving paint samples and inspiration photos in the dust and headed for the beach. Okay..I'm not leaving them in the dust. But I'm leaving Atlanta, so that counts for something! I plan on taking a longer vacation (can I hear a hallelujah for a seven day vacation?!) later on the summer, but for now, 3 days will just have to do. 

I've never had the opportunity to design a beach house (ehhhemmmm, know anyone looking for help? Send them to me!), but would love the chance. There are so many risks you can take in a second home that you wouldn't normally be able to take in someone's primary living space. When people are the the beach, they want to be inspired and relaxed. A problem that could normally throw a wrench in everyday life is brushed off and put in the stack of "deal-with-it-tomorrows." How wonderful could it be if we could just live like that normally?  

Here are some spaces and objects that make me feel all beachy-chic inside: 

okay, this isn't my style. at all. it's the bed from breaking dawn. i want to live on esme island.
with edward.

killer combo: powder blue and coral. 

there's nothing like stark white bedding to make you feel beachy and loved. those framed pieces are killer.

for those neutral-lovin' folks.  

beautiful beach centerpiece. 

act like i care if this is from a wedding. i want this at my table everyday!


kelly wearstler goes beachy. unlivable, unmaintainable, and beautiful.

sofa from jamie is the business.

funkybeachycool. do you see the contrasting orange piping? sign me up. 

this should be a staple in any beach house. 

dark done right. 

i'd happily sleep in a twin in this room. and that's saying a lot!

airy pink on the walls and a chinoiserie-inspired headboard. 




classic look.

what a great way to make a tiny, space-efficient room. 

white on white. 

Can ya'll cross your fingers that a sista can get some wifi in our hotel room?? 

ps. posted this on facebook today and am planning a post about it next week:

"Sometimes" said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -A.A. Milne

For some reason, that is just so special to me. 

love xoxox

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