Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Invitations

Happy hump day everyone! Sorry I've been away so long, work has been bananas and my personal life hasn't seemed to slow down now I'm here two weeks later! 

I wanted to share some invitations that one of my best friends asked me to do for her friend's couples shower that's coming up in March here in Atlanta. She had a general idea of what she wanted them to look & feel like using examples from Pinterest, but we came up with a way to merge all the elements together to create one cohesive look. I love channeling my creativity into separate projects that aren't involving's a nice break. Take a look at the final print we came up with (front, back):

They've been printed and sent out to all the guests, and they look spectacular!

I have a million things to accomplish before 5, so I'm off!

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