Friday, March 1, 2013

Fireplaces with Style

All this chilly weather has got me thinking about all things warm, and fireplaces are at the top of that list. We work with a local builder on many in-town projects, and have to find new ones to spice up our fireplace designs (see some recent ones below). With some of our independent clients, it's a bit easier to get them to make a bolder statement on their fireplaces. People building a new home are very cautious because they're simultaneously having to make many design decisions, while they are likely used to making none at all. Talk about a rude awakening, right? 

We've been working with a client lately whose philosophy when making design-related decisions is "Well, if we end up getting bored with it, we'll change it later!" This is like music to my ears. Again, it's very difficult for people to make that many decisions in a short amount of time, especially when design isn't their forte and it all feels foreign. It's impossible to choose every single element and know that you'll love it for 20 years. Because guess what? You won't. As much as you may be in love with something, trends change. People change. It's inevitable. You also have homeowners who are in the mindset of resale and can't get their minds around the fact that they are the ones living in the house. You should always keep resale in the back of your head, but don't make every decision based on this or you'll end up having a drab home that looks like any Joe-Schmo could live there. EW! Who would want that? So be bold! 

Now that I'm jumping off my soapbox, here are some fireplaces I l.o.v.e.

love this natural, wrapped console look.
image via Christina Fluegge

clean, traditional. with some punch!
image via fieldstone hill design

not too modern, not too traditional. just clean.
image via pinterest, source unknown.

image via the decorista
pebble-style fireplace. probably a little more traditional than what I typically would go for, but in this white palette it works.
image via curioussofa

everything in this photo just feels right. and that herringbone
 backsplash? get right.
image via croma design inc

Last but not least, here's the design we decided to go with for our latest new-construction build in Inman Park. This is the inspiration photo, so I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

stay warm and happy thursday 

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