Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy Monday, ya'll! Here's a little Monday inspiration..

Now back to the real world, where there is only ONE Ryan sad. Here are my hopes for 2013. It's so funny...our pastor yesterday started off his sermon talking about New Years resolutions. "If you don't tell anyone your goals for 2013, then no one will know you failed!" He proceeded to start the series called "Breathing Room." How fitting and refreshing. So here's my shot at breathing room and creating margins in my life:


        For a girl that loves parties as much as I do, I sure as hell don't ever throw any! This  
             year, I'd like to invite people into my home more often. It's so much more personal 
             meeting out somewhere for dinner. I want to get my host on in 2013. I already have 
             three parties planned in between now and I've already committed to this!


For goodness sake, I need to be better about blogging. I love to write, love to read, 
             and if you know me well enough, you know I love to share my opinion. This blog is 
             a wonderful platform to do so. I've committed to blogging at least three times a  


  On me. 2012 was spent worrying about a whole lot of things that took time away 
                from my own personal health and people who matter the most to me. 


 I got a nice camera for Christmas, and I'd like to take a lot more photos this 
                          year. I made my mom a photo memory book for Christmas and was thinking
                          of how cool it would be to make one every year. Yearbooks of your life that
                          look beautiful on a shelf and they sure do bring you back.


I already have a trip planned to LA in late March/early April and am giddy to say
                the least. Don't mind me if you hear me screaming "hopped off the plane at LAX 
                with a dream and a cardigan" all the way in ATL. Except hopefully I'll be in 
                aviators, a fur vest, and some cute wedges. I'd like to go to the beach this year with
                my sisters, and maybe to the mountains in the fall. 


  Energy. We all need more of it..and I plan to get more this year. I want to
                        conserve time, energy, and heart by investing my time wisely and refusing
                        to overwork myself. 


 I'd like to learn to practice more. Practice seamlessness in design, practice design
                    skills, practice more patience, practice some yoga, practice discipline, practice 
                    better financial habits. 


 Read more, watch less. Instead of opening a book the minute I crawl in bed like I 
              used to, I now flip the tv on to some juuuuuuuunk. I mean, serious junk. Don't get me wrong, I will still be engaging in SATC and the occasional Real Housewives..but less. It's a 
              little out of hand, so I have a goal to read 2 books a month this year. I 


 Last year, I was able to participate in Room Service Atlanta's project at the United 
             Methodist Children's Home (be looking out for a post with pictures tomorrow!) and it 
             touched my heart and literally overfilled it. I also participated in the Be Rich 
             campaign at our church, and realized my heart felt happiest at this time. I need more
             of this in 2013. 


  Eat healthily, exercise more, lounge less, laugh more, spend more time with friends 
             and family, and enjoy. every. minute. 

don't let yesterday take up too much of today. each and every day is a fresh start.

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