Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naughty List

Welp, I've done it again. I've managed to make the naughty list again this year. I've been a crappy blogger this past month, boo! But the good news is, I've been really good at getting everything else done that I've been needed to do and putting off. But, I'm back. 

This past month was full of house closings on new constructions we've been working on, installs, and several projects coming to an end that we've been working on for months on end. I promise, promise, promise to get better about posting photos of projects we're working on. To tide you over, here's a dining room in-progress photo:

I also all finished my RSA Atlanta project, which was a huge task but SO much fun and SO rewarding. I was finally able to meet many local interior designers+bloggers that I had been meaning to connect with but never had a chance to. I won't share pictures quite yet, as there is a magazine in the works with professional photos, sourcing for furniture/accessories/finishes, etc. and I wouldn't want to spoil that! The project was followed by a wonderful wrap-party at MGBW:

 and then an open house so people could peruse Sam Bell Cottage and see everyone's work. I think I can speak for all the designers in saying that the entire experience finally set in during these two events (and not the last day of install like one might think!) because we all finally we able to relax, socialize, and take it all in. Here's an ultra-glamorous shot of me after a full day of painting and what I think was bronchitis (shout out to Liz& Mary for getting high off paint fumes and listening to me cough for 8 hours on a ladder!):

I took a few days off around Thanksgiving to spend time with this little bunny rabbit... (he's not cute at all, I know...) and recharge my batteries for the month of December! No better way to recharge batteries than piggy back rides, tickles, and an abundance of belly-laughs. Good Lord this baby just completes his Aunt Jem.

Now that December is here, the pressure is on again. Lots of projects are still outstanding and there is still lots of photography to be taken before the new year! It will feel great if we're able to wrap up everything and get photos so that we can start the year fresh..but we all know how that usually goes. My calendar is quickly filling up with Christmas parties, blogger events, design appointments, and just good ole' regular life stuff. I promised myself this year that I wouldn't let it overwhelm me, so I'm embracing the busy-ness (and the business) and am taking December by the horns. Now that all my priorities are straight (time donated for charities, toy boxes packed for children in need, food purchased for the food drive), I'm ready for everything else.  

So, a quick catch up: I'm asking Santa Clause for a nicer digital camera this year so I can share more photos with you that aren't from my century-old Crackberry, I just ordered new business cards that you can actually read (ordered a bulk amount previously and the text with tee-niny...which is Southern for tiny), and I hope to do a facelift to the blog early next year. Til' next time..


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