Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Decor Done Right

 Happy Monday ya'll! That was done in my cheeriest Monday voice I could muster. I think I'm going to start posting these types of things on Mondays because they make me happy:

Anywho, I promised you guys last week I would show you some pictures of the decorating we did a few weeks ago for Halloween. We bought everything at the dollar store and used spray paint to customize, as usual.

"name your poison" lowballs for weekend festivites. 

entryway spider webs & pumpkin. 

love. gold. skeletons. he's sitting up on our sugar. 

anddddd another greets you at our front door. 

oversized fishbowl with rope became the nest for gold-dipped spiders. kind of disgusting & kinda wonderful all at the same time. 

spiders in bar branches. 

i spy. [this one keeps freaking me out because i forget it's there..i'm a total chicken]

gold skull repeat. i have one in my room year round, it's not just a halloween treat anymore!
wouldn't be a holiday without leopard. 

hairbows and bowtie placemats. 

had to be sorta traditional, so here are some punkins...weenie style!  marley loves his silhouette with glitter. 

our weekend was filled with pumpkin carving  painting while we sipped on fall-inspired adult drinks (out of our poison cups, of course), spiced pumpkin cake, and lots of laughter with wonderful friends. I also got to stop by my old workplace and bring some treats for them while they got everything set up for the holidays. Not to mention, USC lost. Perfect weekend! The only thing that could have been better was a little Hocus Pocus. TV has been slow to get started with halloween this year and i'm having major problems with that.

keep calm and survive monday,



  1. love that i found you via Room Service Atlanta! I'm now a follower of your blog! would love for you to check out my blog sometime too! heather from vivid hue home

  2. Hi Heather, glad you found me too! :) Just checked out your blog, so cute! How did you hear about RSA?