Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday at the Mart

This morning, we went down to AmericasMart for the last day of market. Parking was horrible, but inside crowds weren't too bad suprisingly. Although I didn't get to stay, linger, and drag my heels in each showroom, I did get to snap a few photos before my phone died. Annoying. Some of my favorites from what I saw? 

Mr. Brown, London
Southern Accessories Today
The new Global Views showroom (droolworthy and open daily!) 
Greenbox Art+Culture
Tritter Feefer
Ame and Lulu
Company C

Didn't have much time or space to pick up literature from every place I this is a very limited list. For what it's worth, today I sucked at recording my experience at market :) 

Regardless, here's what I got within the first 20 minutes before my phone keeled over:

someone please buy me all of this. 


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