Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drapery & Trim Project

Good morning, ya'll! I woke up at 6:15 to squeeze in an early morning workout, so today is already on a roll! Bed made, breakfast had, and workout in before 7:15? Donezo. 

Last night, I finally got the curtains in our sunroom sewn up. Let me just school ya'll, because IKEA certainly schooled me. I had 4 white twill panels that I wanted to sew together to make 2 double panels, and they all needed to be hemmed as well. This project sparked from Marley sticking his little nose out the window, breaking the blinds, and driving the neighbors nuts as he stalks & barks at them from the window. Double panels it is! Well, I measured only one curtain to see how high to make the hem. BIG MISTAKE. I was all in a tizzy by the time I got down to the very end of the seam because the bottom of the curtains didn't. match. up. MURDER! I forgot, IKEA does a roundabout figure for their curtain lengths. If you read carefully in that tiny print, it will say something hilarious like "about 120." About? Really? Okay, I admit, it was a rookie mistake. Three hours later...curtains are double width, hemmed, and pressed. My goal is to look this weekend at Lewis and Sheron to find the perfect little trim (orange Greek key possibly?) I have decided I won't actually sew the trim on this weekend since I would probably explode from impatience, so I will do it next weekend! In the are some draperies & curtains/hardware that I've pinned lately:

photo via Amanda Carol at Home

photo via Caitlin Wilson

photo via

photo via Southern Living Magazine

photo via Apartment Therapy

photo via Traditional Home

I promise to post an update this week or next on what trim I decide to go with. And if you don't see anymore blog posts from me, it's because I've given up on my sewing skills and become a shut-in. I'm a bit of a something has got to give. 

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