Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautiful Bathrooms

I have been working on several bathroom design projects, and they really have me thinking about what I would want my dream bathroom to look like. Well, let's be honest. If you know me at all, you know I have regular A.D.D and design A.D.D. Two totally different things. Design A.D.D has it's very own category and club, and I'm the president. I would say I wish they had medicine to help with it, but I'd be lying. Design A.D.D. is what keeps me going everyday. 

So, I'll just say today.....this is what I'm feeling. Tomorrow may be different. Judge me! 

this is where the magic happened. this bristol vanity from j. tribble makes me d   r   ooooooo   l. of course, I would want an extended version  with the sink centered...i'm thinking maybe 6' long or so? and then one mirrored directly across from this one. 

chevron marble shower accent. 

hidden storage in the bennett console by layla grace. with room for accessories on top. perfume, pictures, and jewelry would rest here. 

we have a wonderful client that's using this in satin nickel in her kitchen and i just fell in love. for this design, make it gold please.

simple drawer pulls. 

etagere for beautifully folded towels and bath salts. you haven't seen a perfect folded towel until you've seen mine. ask about it... it annoys people. 

two gold overlay circular mirrors over each vanity. 

simple, shiny cabinet pull. 

bench fabric. i have been dying to use this fabric from lewis and sheron, and still haven't gotten the chance. it's hanging in my office begging to be in a design scheme. side note: this world would be a better place if more people had benches in their bathrooms. promise.

to. die. for. sconce. something about this world's away light is simplicity done right. 

grey grasscloth walls for me.

Today it's rainy and yucky outside. Sometimes, though, this can be good inspiration for a design. It's been working in my favor today. 


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