Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage Beach

This morning, I was going through and adding photos to our Facebook album from my recent Modern Atlanta home tour. I was flipping through the photos, and was inspired by some photographs used in one of the homes that was decorated by the lovely Julie Witzel of jwitzeldesign.. I'm totally not into beach a huge tidal wave sweeping over the sand or a closeup of a palm tree with the sunset in the background. Excuse me while I barf. These prints, however, had a vintage feel to them. They may have been new photography, but the filters (is this even a term?) and angles just made them look a little different than typical beach photography. Take a look (and I need to remind me to ask her who did these so I can give proper credit!):

Which inspired me to find a couple more....I think these would be beautiful in an airy living room or entryway.

Vintage Surfboards by SevenElevenStudios

Pastel Beach by Sheena Armstrong of captaincoyote

What else happened today? Well...I had a short meeting in Brookhaven with my Design Collective ladies Hillary and Julie. Some exciting things are soon to follow with DC... so stay tuned! One of my ya-ya sisters came into town from Macon for a fabric-shopping frenzy (I got a great fabric remnant that was originally $30/yd for $5...boom!) and we shared some good conversation over trellis patterns and then enchiladas at one of my favorite spots. It was a normal Friday, so about 343,238,233 last minute things needed to be taken care of for clients. Now.. I'm packing for a quick little trip to Athens tomorrow evening and I have a new Elle Decor just waiting to be cracked open. Maybe I'll throw my hair in a ponytail, get in some pajamas, and tackle a few things. Or not.

I'll give you another hint as to what I'll be reading before bed:

laters, baby.

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