Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bosch Net Zero Home

Last week, I was so glad to finally be able to go out to Serenbe to visit the 2012 HGTV Green Home. I had been to Serenbe to eat at The Hil several times, but it had always been at night and I never was able to do too much exploring. After going to see renowned designer Smith Hanes at an event at SwitchModern a few weeks ago, we were itching to get inside Sernbe and explore. Smith is a very talented designer who has an eye for not only design, but branding as well. His team is one of the best I've seen at completing a project 100%, with extreme thought put into every single aspect. Sometimes, as designers, we get so caught up in the design of a space..we forget about all the little added details that could make a project even more special. He has an in-house branding/graphic design expert, and it showed in his work! That was a little tangent, but I was trying to get back to the whole design concept for Serenbe. They thought about everything. Location, signage, variety of home styles, light poles, fonts on signs, the pitch of the road. You name it, they've considered it. Read more here about the man that started this dream 12 years ago. 

Here are a few photos so you can get a general idea of the pure beauty found here:

donkeys, horses, and and inn. could it get any better? 

lambs, hydrangeas, and good lighting. winner winner. 

the blue-eyed daisy, a cute little eatery at the heart of serenbe. unfortunately, we got there 5 minutes too late to eat lunch there. it's a LEED certified silver building..impressive. 

remember what i told you about the light poles? 

quaint little room at the inn. i'd love to relax here over a long weekend. and by long weekend, i mean forever. oops. 

beautiful details! 

the stables on a stormy day. to die for! 

another room at the inn. 

the hil. delish. 

First, we went on a semi self-guided tour of the Green Home. I will post photos of this tomorrow when they're done downloading. 

Until then..I will show you some photos I took of the Bosch Net Zero model. It's only supposed to be open on the weekends, but...the door was unlocked. So there we were. By using the term "net zero," they mean the home itself makes energy to offset the energy used by the homeowner. Dream mode: can you imagine if every house in the U.S. did this? The results would be profound! Read more about the house here. In conjunction with Ballard design, the designer (Jill Sharp Brinson) made sustainability look beautiful. These photos just don't do it justice...but take a look-see: 

beautifully styled shelving right outside of the kitchen.

reclaimed wood moulding. 

love this mirror and small-scaled chair as an accent in a small hallway nook. oh, and there's me :) 

sette in the master bath (i think.)

love this mirror in the powder room. it was mimicked by another over the vanity. 


details, details, details. 

one of my favorite spaces...an upstairs office with a dining table. i need this!

i will have this stool. i know it's weird..but it needs to belong to me! 

x-benches under a console are always a good plan. 

loved all the layers and texture. not so wild about the chair. maybe in a grey..but  this isn't working for me. 

a house isn't complete until the outside is. the hung two branches over the rafters and hunt lanterns and sunflowers over them. not for every house obviously, but it really worked here. 

wonderful seating group of 4 armchairs. 

weird sheep art. even weirder... i liked it. a lot! 

loved this dining area. the banquette looked good enough to sleep on and everything about it looked welcoming! the wallpaper was a great accent to a small space, and the lighting fixture was just right. 

I was mega inspired by this home. This week has been very busy, but I'm so happy to see my little birthday girl. They've been on vacation for a week, and while they were gone, she turned 3. Stop growing!! 

Sometimes, she reminds me..it's easier to attract bees with honey than with vinegar. 

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