Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year, New Habits

Hey ya'll! I hope everyone had a wonderful and rewarding holiday, and one as blessed as mine! I got to spend five days with my family with little to no interruptions, and best of all...I got to love on my little Colin. Look at him and Marley...PRESH! 

With the start of the new year quickly approaching, I wanted to take some time to talk to you about some of my many New Year's resolutions. First off, I want to live a healthier life. Physically, mentally, and emotionally- the whole nine yards! I need be eating more organic, running longer on the treadmill, and treating my mind to more challenging things. I want to try new things that I've always wanted to do, and also try things I've never wanted to do. Within reason, of course! I still want to have "down time," but downtime that is still productive. Secondly, I want to work smarter and not harder. In this business, there are many procedures you can set in place to help work flow more easily. Thirdly, I would like my apartment to feel more like a home. I have been working on it for the last year and a half, but there are still things (like those gold awful plastic-brass light fixtures) that have got to change. I mean, I am an interior designer. Sadly, we so often work so hard on others' spaces that we forget about our own. Not in 2012! I've already got a plan in the works. 

These three resolutions will work because they are all attainable. I'm not wishing to find a million dollars under my pillow, have Dr. Oz to walk me through all my meals, or have five personal assistants to work on my home while I'm at work. One day at a time, they'll all get done! Here are a couple things I'm having shipped to me that should help the process...

this is a simple "diary" you can write in to help you keep track of your days.
lines such as "this day was a good call/showtime/cold shower"

this journal gives you a mere six lines to write a little blurb about your day.
do you ever feel like you lose days/weeks at a time? not anymore!

And I'm constantly rethinking my workspace. I just hung opaque linen curtains to cover the window that always blinds me while I'm working at the computer. (A.D.D. side note: why did I wait a  year and a half to do this? This is another resolution- start fixing things as soon as they bother me!) I'mm always thinking of ways to get more hidden storage, but for the space as a whole to still look clutter free so I can concentrate. I was the girl in college who could only study at my house after it had been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. The library was good noise wise, but to see these kids with their papers scattered everywhere just drove me nuts. My desk is in our sunroom, which is the perfect extra space to work in. Now I just need the perfect arrangement! Here are some dream offices I envision in my space.. (all images via Pinterest.)

if you know me at all, you know I'm a clipboard fanatic

trays, florals, curtains, chandys, labeled boxes. say yes to the office.

more clipboards, sample sawhorse desk, and NO clutter.

JA horse, rugggggg, MAC, pillow. and a view of the fireplace. mhmm. 

this needs to happen next week!

love a good built-in desk! those chairs are killer, and a giant pinboard is too convenient. 

simple storage, acrylic chair, and white white white. 

i don't even know where to start on this one...MAJ! 

this is obviously a nursery setting, but I need some killer wallpaper and two small matching bookshelves for the office.
those of you in Atlanta, keep your eye out for me! 

With the new year creeping in this weekend, what part of your life are you dedicating some change to? Please share! 

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