Monday, December 19, 2011

Designer Wrap

And the holiday rush is officially here! Just going to be a quick post tonight. I was super busy this weekend with out of town company and trying to wrap up all my Christmas shopping (and then literally wrap up all my Christmas shopping!) Armed with a redbull and a mission, I killed it. I'm officially done! Now I just need a couple stocking stuffers for the family, and I'm golden. 

Every year, I get in a panic about wrapping paper. I can.not.stand. snowman, gingerbread, Santa, etc. wrapping paper. I know that just sounds mean and unChristmas like, but it's against my religion. I feel like the outside of the present should be as pleasing as what can be found inside. I still had red and white houndstooth and green on green polda dot paper from last year, so I decided to use it again to get through it so I can get something fresh for next year! I can't wait to get it on sale right after Christmas, too! :) 

I alsoooooo cleaned out my giftwrapping dresser. Yes, I have a dresser for this. Because it's important! I am throwing almost all my giftbags (well, recycling- I'm putting them outside the house for someone to grab) and I threw away all the torn and yucky tissue paper and ribbon. Now I'm all set for the new year! 

Here's a bad quality photo of what they look like this year:

Here's what I'm thinking for next year:

i definitely, definitely, definitely want black and white stripes next year.
had no luck finding any this year!

natural and crisp

i love the personalization

neutral faux bois with a creamy bow? mmhmmm. 

i love the green tree-trunk inspired print and red and black plaid

great for small gifts

i love how these all coordinate. favorite one is on the far right. 

What's your favorite look..and are you done wrapping yet? 

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