Tuesday, December 13, 2011

gurple. ick.

Do you accept my apology? I'm so sorry about being away from WWN for so long. To be honest, I was going to quote the date of the last time I posted, but I think I don't even want to see that! I would, however, like to make a promise to be around much more often. I mean it this time!

This grey and gloomy weather has had me dyin' for a great cup of coffee (thank God for REV), a warm blanket, and some good design of course! I need to be much better about scouring the net and mags for great design ideas. Well, let me rephrase that. I need to get better about telling you guys about what I find. I constantly have my nose in a design book, my fingers tappin' away at internet mags, and if I'm lucky... I will get some more home mag subscriptions for Christmas since I am definitely on the good girl list this year! 

For today, in the spirit of the past two weeks' weather, I want to showcase some grey houses that I die for. Grey has always been a favorite color of mine, even before it became 'the it color.'   I think it is one of the easiest colors to find the right and the wrong shades of. Some can be purple, blue, green, and even pink. I tend to lean towards the grey-based browns, and sometimes the blues. Purple-based greys kinda make me wanna vom, unless of course you're going for a purple look! I just hate to see a gurple shade when someone wanted more a light true grey- it's easy enough to do. But avoid this by painting small samples on your walls in your light. One of my favorite applications of the color grey is on the exterior of the house. It does a great job of showcasing any white trim/accents you may have, and enables a homeowner to get a little funky on accents with few worries about clashing.  Check out some of my favorites here: 

Holy New England, I can imagine looking at the rocky coast from my front door!

When using grays, or any color, please please please make a color chart on your wall with your lighting.
It makes a world of difference, trust me!

This is probably my favorite image I found. It just screams'look at me!' in what could be a boring curbside home in the city. The colors are divine...and those long skinny doors, sighhhhhh. Maybe the Pantone folks took a little inspiration from here when picking their  2012 Color of the Year.

Perfect bungalow entrance.... except those chairs might become glossy white or even some white Eams rockers. Assuming they wouldn't get snatched the moment you put them outside :)

Barn-like entrance with mad symmetry and multi-colored purple hydrangeas? I would fill this house with clean, white furniture, some eye-catching rugs, and large-scaled artwork. 

Love the white accents on the peaks of the roof to contrast with the dark grey. The landscaping could definitely branch out more into the yard and be a statement to complement the house, though. 

Beautiful country-clubbish home. The garage doors are pretty enough to have a home facing the street, and sometimes I like an entrance in a "nook." A little more unexpected! 

I would love to see this color door, against a slightly darker grey,  on a door leading out into the back  yard. 

Okay, pretend there is grass here- and take those planters away. Add a better sconce beside the door. Make the paint a little darker. Redo the "sidewalk" in brick, and paint it black. Now...this could be my office behind my house. Lots of windows for natural light, and open! 

As most you who personally know me, you probably already are aware that I'm not a fan of
purpley-urply grape. But this  shade of egglant looks killer on these double doors. 

What do you guys think...love the grey? Have another go-to color you like to see on the exterior of homes? Please share! 

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You commentary is amazing, really. We do remodel projects in California and I'd be interested in some of your input on a place I am doing right now. It's a beautiful A frame home surrounded by pines. It has a 70's mountain home feel and we are trying to take it modern! If there is somewhere to post something for you let us know, thanks!! -Yasmina la.vie.qmf@gmail.com