Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY: Fall Wreath

So, as I posted about last week, I've been trying to figure out which style I was going to go with when making a wreath for the season. By the time I went shopping last year for a wreath support, it seemed that Michael's and Hobby Lobby were permanently sold out for the season. Either that or I just kept going multiple times when some lucky soul stole the last one! Therefore, I had to try to make a wreath form out of an old wire hanger. Epic fail. It wasn't strong enough, and just didn't have enough shape. My wreath looked a lot like this one: 

Pinned Image

Let me rephrase that... it looked a lot like the one above, for about a week. All that work in stringing burlap ribbon back and forth on a stupid wire hanger and all I get is a week?? Not to mention, my door is a painted metal one, which does NOT take nails. And I do NOT use those plastic self-adhesive hooks for things like that..refuse! I sought out a clear plastic wreath hanger (I would have preferred a gold to the clear one, but all of them were cheap and brassy.) Hung it on the door, used the door maybe 10 times, wreath hanger broke. That's my final epic fail for this post, promise. I'm turning over a new leaf this year, I promised myself to make a beautiful wreath that I could actually display for longer than a week!

As you probably remember last week, this is the wreath I was inspired by:

Year Round Wreath - Sassy Girl Wreath with Leopard Print Bow

Further investigation for inspiration led me to a wild goose chase of photos on Pinterest. Oops, where did that hour go?? This one was my first find, and inspired me to keep looking. 

From there, I went here:

do you SEE those heels? Do you??!

via faemyst
i love this look..almost like a negative photo but with color

burlap ribbon is always a yes

peacock weddings can be overdone, but not if done with taste

beautiful mix of iridescence, florals, and moss

the peacock room from whistler, automatic

i love the styling here

via dezeen
peacock chair by dror

i would work SO hard in this office. i need it! and that mug...yes

i love the play on scales here..that screen wants to come home with mama

Here's what I have made for this year. There is limited light in my corridor, and the flash makes crazy firework-lookalikes because of the gloss on my door, so photo quality is not great. It'll do!

Tada! This only took about 20 minutes to make, excluding shopping time, which is very reasonable for something that will hopefully last for many fall seasons to come. Instead of letting the hanging solution overcome me, I just decided to hang it through my door hanger with burlap ribbon. That ended up making it hang kind of low, which I surprisingly don't mind. Hey, I'm short... I actually get to enjoy it! I was very tempted to do something with orange, gold, and sunflowers...but decided to switch it up. I did buy the ribbon for one of those, though! Maybe I'll do one as a gift...I can't resist anything to do with fall!

"I worked with a wild leopard,
 who bit me. But I kept on working
 with him, because I have a wild side. 
I think I was an animal 
in a previous life."
Bai Ling

me too, me too!

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