Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink and Gold love: Idea Room

I've been thinking about fall this morning as I sip my cinnamon coffee..delish! When looking for fabric for a client's home this week, I was inspired by some bright pink silk that I stumbled upon. Don't get me wrong, I love the typical colors of fall--browns, reds, oranges, etc.-- but I'm thinking I want to try something different this year. Of course I won't redecorate my whole house...but if I could....I think I would go hog-wild with some pink, gold, and yellow. And by hog-wild, I mean seriously take it over the top. One thing that I have seen that is crazy is how often people only have a dining table, chairs, and buffet in their dining room. What makes it crazy is that a lot of these homes are hugeeee that I see this trend in, and they have crazy big dining rooms! Why waste all this space just because it's the 'traditional' thing to do?? Not this girl! Every time I have been to a wedding/baby shower at someone's house, we do the best we can to grab all the dining chairs and barstools and scatter them around a living room area and uncomfortably eat. Uncomfortable=eating on a white sofa, eating in a slipper chair, eating in a dining chair with no side table, etc. Do you know what I mean now? It's just plain uncomfortable to attempt to socialize while you're worrying about your plate slipping off your lap or someone kicking your red wine over because it's on the floor.

So, here's what I'm thinking. Why not pull in some extra seating and side tables into the dining room if you have the space? I want the dining room to be about socializing. I mean, it is one of the rooms people tend to spend the most money on in their house but it's so underused. I pulled together a scheme to show you the main area plus a table setting, as well as an accent wall opposite that hot settee. It took a little bit too long (like forever) to do it, but I'm loving the finished product. Great, now I'm totally unimpressed with my dining space! Maybe I can find a client this fall who wants to use this color scheme?? Do you love?

Be inspired!

Image One:
a. bamboo chair via Grant K Gibson for One King's Lane
b. gold velvet settee via Eric Cohler for Lee Jofa
c. wallpaper via Harlequin
d. pink drapes via EBAY
e. horn chandelier via Mattermatters
f. faux bois gold stool via EBAY
g. glass table via bdbarcelona
h. flowers via Black Band Home and Design
i. rug via ABC Carpet and Home
j. elephant via Grant K Gibson for One King's Lane
k. chair via Vamp Furniture
1. napkin ring via Gifted Solution
2. china via Pure Modern
3. lacquer bowl via Furbish Studio
4. flatware via Ricci Silversmith for Neiman Marcus

Image Two:
a. gold mirrors via 1st dibs
b. white and gold chain tray via Dekado Home Decor
c. sideboard via 1st dibs

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