Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design Dissection: Ms. Carrie Bradshaw

If you know me at ALL, you know that I'm obsessed (understatement of the century) with SATC. I have been watching marathons on TV lately, which prompted me to want to watch the movies again. It got me thinking about design...big surprise. When it came time for Carrie to move back into her old apartment and make huge changes because he who shall not be named ruined her life (for the moment), she employed a personal assistant who performed nothing short of a miracle to transform this:

into this:

Okay, I'll admit, not everything is perfect in the Carrie 2.0 room. Just because it looks a lot better, doesn't mean it's the best. The miracle was probably more-so about how "St. Louise" came into the mix: fixing up her apartment, hiding everything that reminded her of Big conveniently in a folder for her only to rediscover later, and forcing her to continue her life as a remix.

Some improvements you ask? Here I go:

  1. Bedding always sticks out to me, and I personally think this brown is hidddeeouusss, plain, and totally unCarrie. Yeah, that's a word. In this case, you can't go wrong with all white! Maybe even bring in a pop of orange or pink in a Missoni inspired blanket at the foot of the bed?
  2. That rug is SO 2005. I can't even deal. I thought it was the color, but it's not. I love that it's not a boring tone on tone, but come on! 
  3. I am over a mirrored table. This isn't really a rule-of-thumb in every scenario, but this coffee table has been done and redone, and it's just not wowing me. 
  4. I wish she had a taller nightstand on the left side, or at least something that added some height. Maybe a leaner mirror? Or a table with an interesting bust painted with a lacquered, bold color?
  5. Desk, desk, desk! I love the chair, but I think a better desk would have a little more storage, and definitely a wider/longer surface. I probably would have chosen glass so that it wouldn't weigh that side of the room down. The size that is present looks great, but is in no way practical for her as a writer. 
  6. I couldn't find a picture or remember exactly what was in the new entryway, but I'm thinking they took out that huge built-in bookshelf. If so, miiiisttakkkeee. With a little paint and new hardware, those existing built-ins would be DELISH! I'm a sucker for books+accessories, so this is an obvious win for me. 
Things they did right: 

  1. I love her new living area! The old one was bland as ever [check out that old Motel 8-looking fabric on that chair. and blahblah rug.] Items that could have been repurposed are those cool lamps with new shades, both chairs could be recovered with a graphic pattern, and the sideboard and coffee table are great pieces as well! I'm glad they switched it up completely, but this room could have had a major makeover with what's existing! This new space is beautiful, however, with a twist-on-traditional feel. That bench seating under the TV is the perfect way to make it more casual. I often do we see Carrie lounging around watching television? Hardly ever..she's too busy being fabulous! So this TV shouldn't the main focal point in the room, at least not by itself. 
  2. The rounded tables in the threshold between the bedroom and living room. The tables are a great shape and the correct scale, and so are those beautifully understated lamps. I love some symmetry-  and this is symmetry done well. Just that small detail visually separates her bedroom from her living quarters, which is necessary in an open space this small. 
  3. The wall color is FAB! 
  4. The gallery wall behind her bed is just perfect. Well done! 
  5. Curtains-simple, chic, flowy, and clean. 
  6. The built-ins around the tv are great to add more symmetry, storage, and interest to that wall. See the books above? : )
  7. I really like the new nighttable/console to the right of the bed, but I will always find something comforting about her oldschool phone sitting on the radiator.  

As we know, Carrie always wins at the end: 

blue sofa, gold painting, symmetrical chairs, accessories. and she got away with a pink rug?! grawwwrrrrr!

now this desk is business!

love the lighting group and beautiful fresh flower arrangement
symmetry again!

why not let the midcentury-modern look takeover the kitchen rather than chunky appliances?
who cooks anyway?

 that wallpaper? that mirror? those lamps??? cloche?? favefavefave. 

Happy Wednesday, be fabulous!

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