Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Next Cool Event goodies

Hello again! I've been slaving away all weekend to try, huge emphasis on try, to make our part of the event go off without a hitch. On Friday, we went by and picked up our carpet tiles from the fabulous FLOR and also made a last run through Direct Furniture to make sure all the pieces we picked for the event were still there. We had to make some other selections since a few pieces were sold, but we were able to still come up with a great plan! I am wrapping up the floor plans, inventory, and itemized pictures as we speak so that the moving guys will know exactly what to bring and where it will go once it's there. 

Other than that big chunk of time, I've been playing with the idea of having fresh cut flowers in our space. We need some more color to compliment all the neutral furniture, and this is a fragrant and beautiful way to make that happen. We are bringing some glass hurricanes as a backup.. but this is what I made over the weekend for our arrangements. The geometric pattern fits perfectly in our bold room. 

I'm thinking a very low profile, dense bundle of flowers with orange, pink, and a little white to make them pop. We'll be going by our wholesale flower place on the way down on Friday to pick them out, so cross your fingers that Valentine's Day doesn't wipe them out on everything beautiful! No gerber daisies for me, please.

One of the other things that I have been bouncing off the walls about is our pillows. We were so lucky to find a great workroom that wanted to help us out, and I ran over to pick them up today.  I want to keep all of them to myself. I don't want to share with the Next Cool Event! But...I must. They are so pretty that I was even worried about going into a few stores today to make some returns. I figured surely someone with a sharp design eye would see those pillows and just have to break my windows out to get them! This is all I will show you for now..

And I guess it's time for me to show you our postcards for the event, since it is only a couple days away! 

It feels like the days are getting significantly shorter as the event approaches, but we're trying to make as much as we can out of the last few days. Tomorrow morning is the install, so everyone cross your fingers for us! And if you still haven't bought your ticket, go do so RIGHT NOW at www.nextcoolevent.com. There are a limited number left, so hurry up! 

 And, oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day ;) 


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