Tuesday, November 1, 2011

living in wearstler's aqua dream

n. pl. aq·uae or aq·uas
1. Water.
2. An aqueous solution.
3. A light bluish green to light greenish blue.

love the pairing of aqua and gold..they were meant to be together.

yet again, perfect example. love her use of chunky stones and twisted figures.

crush on this. in a maj way. e v e r y t h i n g about it. 

i really love this intimate bar setting. it's small, but inviting. the floor adds just enough textural interest  while at the same time blending with the side chairs. i obviously go coo-coo-gaga-gaga over the bar stone and those barstools are fierce.

well folks, kelly is still the boss. 

tata, tuesday! i'm ready for you to be over with. my sweet little Anna Kate is under the weather. We're down 1.5 tissues boxes and a whole bottle of hand sanitizer. I'm ready to head home, put on my jamees, make some hot chocolate, and watch Robert on DWTS. 


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