Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knot Knot...

I was searching for some hemp rope tiebacks for a client's outdoor drapery this morning (if you know anywhere to get these, please shoot me a message--I can't find any under $100 that are suitable for outdoor use!), when I stumbled upon a website of a retailer who makes objects from rope. It's a couple that lives in Alaska, and was inspired by "trash" rope they've found along the beach of Kodiak island near their home. The company is called the Alaska Rug Company, and some keywords they used when describing the items they sell were "upcycled, reused, recycled, renewed." I love! They have accessories, some pet items, and a   wide selection of rugs. The sizes vary in size and color, as well as shape. It seems as though they may even do custom work because it's such a small business. Plus, they sell wholesale as well...genius!

Take a look at their goodies:

From rugs and bowls, to drapery rings and trivets...these are all nautical and divine. For better pictures and purchasing information, visit them here.

Which knotty item do you love the most? 

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