Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the Bedroom

So, I was innocently walking around Homegoods with no intention of buying anything about a month ago. I stumbled across these babies, and my whole bedding idea has changed from a nuetral gray and ivory to a stark white and navy scheme. Think crisp, plain white duvet cover and these as euros against my scroll headboard (sorry for the blur!):

Similar to this one...but I ran the stripes vertically

I added a little white shag rug at the end of my bed yesterday to continue the white onto the floor. Not to mention, it's shag and super comfy!

And a random but totally exciting find today on Etsy....two vintage hobnail white milk glass lamps from Tiffin of linwood avenue. They have restored fittings that are a high polished brass and are newly rewired with 8' clear wire. Umm, sign me up- kthanks.  At 12.5" to the top of the socket, they are a little smaller than I'd like. I also had to remember:

1. It's hard to find an actual pair of vintage lamps, especially with such a great shape and in great condition.

2. It's hard to find massive hobnail lamps like I would prefer! All that I have seen lately are fairly small in scale- and I just don't think I can wait it out to find anything taller. A little impatient....guilty as charged. And sometimes with the tall height I like, the lamp's width increases. In this case, I want a lamp with a thin profile so these will work great.

And after contacting the vintage queen herself, Dayka Robinson, for her advice- I was ready to make my purchase!

Here are my beauties before they are on my nightstands in a few short days:

And, then my next mistake was made. I continued to search on Etsy, double oops. I fell in love with these amazing limited edition prints. They are done by Leigh of jkldesigns from pencil, pen & watercolor, and the illustrations are then are digitally edited  I am pretty excited that they will be hanging on my sad, blank wall across from my bed along with some floating white shelves with leaning frames and other assorted accessories.

Aren't these beautiful?

Just got a coupon in the mail for Bed, Bath, and Beyond- and they have some floating shelves and cubes that I've been looking for for a great price. They are not as large as I'd like, but I think they'll do. I also have to spray them white (I think) and I will probably use these paired with some of the longer individual shelves you can buy at IKEA to get my desired look. 

One of the items on my longest shelf will have to be a picture of little Marley. I was watching Adele's music video "Someone Like You (amahhhhhzing song)," and saw a framed photo of her baby Dachshund. After scouring Pintrest... I want a photo of Marley running like this with a nice white mat and thick black frame:

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

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  1. Yay!! Cannot wait for you to enjoy them xoxo

    Thank you a million Jennifer!!