Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back Again

Well...I see below me that it actually has been two months since I've embarassing! I have been beyond busy, and have let some things that I truly love slip away. So...after a couple months of juggling too many things, vacations, and a surgery- I'm back again.  I have been on autopilot and working 80 hour work weeks with zero weekends to myself, so I've had to make some big changes to my life as of late. I feel like I will finally be settling in and function like a normal human being again! Life is too short, way too short, to be on autopilot. Or just feeling like you're barely getting by- no time for breakfast and coffee, no time for friends, no time for your passions. We just have to try to remember that change is not always a bad thing, although it might be difficult. And once the change you've made is more permanent and real, it will become comfortable yet again.

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