Monday, September 17, 2012

PATCH NYC for Target

While I was shopping for some accessories the other day, I saw a new brand for Target that I hadn't seen before called PATCH NYC. The first thing I thought was "I live right across the street from Target. I have no excuse to have not seen this brand before!" It wasn't my fault..the line just launched starting September 9. I forgive myself. It was started and developed by two men, John Ross & Don Carney from Boston. They began with a hat collection & the brand has quickly blossomed into textiles, home decor, jewelry, fragrances, etc. Well, yeah, they literally have an Et Cetera category under their shop.

 I can say they were right on the money with their designs, as they have collaborations with fabulous stores like West Elm & Anthropologie. They also have a storefront in Boston, which I definitely want to visit next time I'm in the city galavanting around. [Joke. I wish!] Here are the goodies (and not all are at Target, so check out their website as well 

faux bois done right. there a way to do black & gold wrong?  it's tough.

insert Christmas cookies here. or keys. or mail.

classic fall stripes. 


love me some skulls! 

leopard plate goodness. 

modern twist of a candlebra. 


this pheonix would do wonders for a place setting. 

Have an amazing Monday, ya'll!

As for me, I need to get it together. So much to do this week!

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